Korea Mathematical Methods for Curves and Surfaces
Image Processing on the Beach, Summer School 2010 Jointed with NIMS

Auguest 10~12, 2010, NM 8th, IAI, Dongseo Univ. Busan, Korea

Variational Imaging Methods for Denoising, Inpainting, and Segmentation.
Jointed with National Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Summer School Organizing Committee :
Byung-Gook Lee, Dongseo Univ.
Jungho Yoon Ewha W. Univ.
Youngsoo Ha, NIMS

    Auguest 12.
    Prof. Jungho Yoon, Ewha W. Univ.
  • 09:00~10:00 A tutorial on compressed sensing, Dr. Gang Joon Yoon, NIMS
  • 10:00~11:00 Sobolev-type L_p-Approximation Orders of Radial Basis Function Interpolation to Rough Functions, Prof. Jungho Yoon, Ewha W. Univ.
  • 11:00~12:00 TBA, Prof. Sukho Lee, Dongseo Univ.

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