Korea Mathematical Methods for Curves and Surfaces
Topics in Image Processing

Feb. 27~28, 2012, 팔공산 유스호스텔, Daegu, Korea
동대구역 출구, 오른쪽 계단 내려와서 401번 갓바위역 종점 하차, 운행간격 11분마다 이동시간 30분

    Feb. 27.
    Prof. JoonJae Lee, Keimyung Univ.
  • 14:00~15:40 Introduction to Hough Transform and Its Applications and MLP, Dr. Il Choi, Kyungpook Univ.
  • 16:00~16:40 3D integral imaging display using elemental images recorded by axially distributed image sensing, Prof. Dong-Hak Shin, Dongseo Univ.
  • 17:00~17:40 Collaborative Authoring/Editing Technology based on Social Media, Dr. Yong-Moo Kwon, KIST
  • 18:30~20:00 reception
    Feb 28.
    Prof. Byung-Gook Lee, Dongseo Univ.,
  • 09:00~09:40 Introduction to Image Registration - SIFT, Prof. ByungGook JoonJae Lee, Dongseo Keimyung Univ.
  • 10:00~10:40 Moving Least Squares Methods Minimizing Total Varitation, Dr. YeonJu Lee, EWHA Univ.
  • 11:00~11:40 An Improved Non-local Means for Image Denoising, Prof. Jungho Yoon, EWHA Univ.
  • 12:00~13:00 Lunch
  • 13:00~16:00 Discussion

팔공산 갓바위 약사여래불 (보물 431호)

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